Specialization course in Biomedical Naturology - Level 1

What is the Course of Biomedical Naturology?

It is a very recent area of natural health, starting in 2010.

This course aims to empower you to learn to know the mechanisms of diseases and how they can be disassembled through proven scientific methods and at the same time 100% natural.

 Although, the Biomedical Naturologist has an excellent understanding of human anatomy physiology, and other scientific areas such as Bacteriology, Virology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, and Biochemistry, it does not aim to treat DISEASES. The focus of BN (Biomedical Naturology) interest is to learn how to treat THE PATIENT. After all, it was certain dysfunctions in his body that allowed the disease to begin to evolve gradually. This is the concept and vision on which Biomedical Naturology is based in its professional clinical practice

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It is scientifically proven that every disease has its own mechanisms of action. It also evolves according to certain biochemical patterns within the individual's body.   Therefore, the Biomedical Naturologist  benefits from the most advanced scientific studies of Epigenetics and Human Genome, which help counteract various patterns that generate the disease, promoting its retreat while these same dysfunctional patterns begin to lose ground in the body under treatment. Isn't that really great?

Additionally , all approaches in NB are always 100% natural and without undesirable effects.

We are not limited only to the healthy nutritional aspect, but also to several other treatments in Physics, Chemistry, in addition to Biotherapeutics capable of exerting a strong detoxifying and stimulating immunological impact on the suffering body. People with chronic and degenerative diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension and Cancer, are among those who can benefit from the complementary clinical performance of the Biomedical Naturologist. So, Biomedical Naturologist does not replace the medical act, but is complementary in the recovery of the disease or disease, according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO). This is not a course for you to learn a set of small therapies or formulas of "miraculous herbal teas". In fact, it is not a set of small therapies - It is Pure Complementary Natural Medicine.

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Are the classes by pre-recorded videos or online face-to-face?

Our online classroom is entirely in person. Both the teacher and the students interact in real time. You'll feel right inside a classroom. You can ask questions and talk to your colleagues. Additional videos may be suggested or even featured in class. However, recorded classes can be provided and shared as well.

How long is the course?
The duration of the Biomedical Naturology (Level 1) course is 24 months. After completing this first level of learning,  you can opt for another 12 months of specialization (Level 2) 

Is the course only theoretical or is it also practical in person?
Clinical practices will take place at the end of the course, being entirely in person and where the trainee will be before teachers and colleagues. It will be exciting to be able to practice everything you have learned throughout the course. Medical Semiology Techniques, use of the Automated External Defibrillator (AED). You will be able to detect and identify various pathological signs and symptoms - some that even the patient himself may not realize (Asymptomatic). Saving lives and helping to restore wellness is the goal of the Biomedical Naturologist.

What is the curriculum of this fantastic Natural Medicine course?

To find out which subjects will be studied throughout the course, see the box beside this. You can download the PDF that also contains your registration card. Don't waste your time. Secure your spot. Register now!

Can classes be recorded by the students?

No. However, if your absence is justifiable, you can ask the teacher and attend the lost class in another class. So all will not be lost. Attending a face-to-face class is always better than any recording.

Is this natural health technical course a college degree?

The course of Biomedical Naturopathy was developed as a higher level course. However, depending on the laws of the country where you live, it may or may not be recognized. In general, sequential study complementary courses are of higher education degree in Portugal, Angola and England, for example. In Brazil, it may be covered the under Law 9394 Article 44 of the National Congress. If you have completed high school or equivalent, you may benefit from a higher education certification. If you have not completed the minimum education imposed by law, you can obtain a valid certification of technical course. If you already have a technical higher education course, you can opt for the Graduate Certificate.  If you have any questions, please contact us or consult the legal directives of the Ministry of Education in your country for more information.

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