Welcome from the Academy Principal


NATSCIENCE INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY UK is the first school to establish new concepts in Natural Scientific Medicine and the first one in the world to develop and teach the exciting specialty in Biomedical Naturopathy. The format of our teaching (face-to-face or distance) offers an intimate relationship between students and teachers. We are also always supporting and developing several scientific projects that involve many extra curricular activities for both our students and the professionals involved.

Specialization in Biomedical Naturopathy is not only for naturopaths. It was developed as a basis for enrichment of professional scientific knowledge to Homeopaths, Osteopaths, MTCs, Chiropractors, nurses, nutritionists, psychoanalysts, doctors, etc.


The volunteer and scientific research programs offered are excellent for professional improvement, knowledge, exchange, etc.


As Director of scientific projects and professional qualification, I invite you to join the NATSCIENCE family. When we are all together and united by the same goals, we are much stronger, influential and professionally recognized.


Best regards


Dr. L. Matthew



Our philosophy

Natural medicine has long needed to be restructured in its concepts and in its medicinal teachings.

At the international level, most schools and colleges that run Naturopathy courses are limited to very basic teachings for their students, as if they were something extraordinary and unique. The student believes that he is finishing his training as a highly qualified professional in terms of knowledge - but later discovers that he was mistaken.
When you try to start your professional life, you are encountered with many obstacles and a sad reality. After all, their knowledge is very limited when compared to other health professionals.

Our mission is not to nullify the knowledge previously acquired by our students. The goal is to add new knowledge to the knowledge he already has, adding more hours of scientific studies to his professional curriculum, in addition to the improvement in new natural techniques for aggravated, chronic and degenerative health treatments.

These new qualifying knowledge is what drives the professional to new integration projects in the health area in the country or city where he lives.

The credibility of professional practice is of the highest importance. Without it, the professional is only known as a small and unimportant therapist (even if it is not).

We do not encourage the discontinuity of schools with little capacity for scientific teaching. We are willing to develop partnership projects that further the teaching process they practice to a level well above the current average.

It is only in this way that the many criticisms and prejudices of all opponents and agnostics of natural medicinal practices can be silenced.

Our history

Biomedical Naturopathy had its cradle around 2009, in the beautiful city of Lisbon (Portugal), through Naturopath, Homeopath, Iridologist, MTC and PT/BR Scientist, Cezar Van Louicci.

Dissatisfied with the sad reality of the precariousness of teaching the vast majority of schools of Naturopathy and Homeopathy, Van Louicci develops an independent scientific study project aimed at restructuring the teaching of natural medicinal practice. Based on the original model practiced by the great Masters of Natural Medicine of the past, such as, Avicenna, Razes, Zhang Zhongjing, Samuel Hahnemann, Lezaeta, among many others, he brings from the past to the present 21st century, the true model of Pure Natural Medicine, scientifically updated and correct.

However, it was in London, England that Biomedical Naturopathy solidified its foundations, developing a specialization structure in chronic and degenerative diseases never before experienced in Natural Medicine. From the intense scientific studies DALVA and MATTHEW, the largest natural medical work of today emerges - "NATSCIENCE, Natural Medicine - The Science behind the Name" (in 4 volumes).

Now, the many professionals in Natural Medicine can find in the various specializations in NB, the structure, teaching hours (etc) and scientific support to their professional practise. The values of this surprising new teaching bring its integration into the model of national health systems much closer to its integration as a credible and scientifically correct activity.

We haven't lowered our arms yet. We also have many projects and partnerships with schools and universities around the world.

Very soon the world will have to recognize that true Natural Medicine is not limited to teas, home-made remedies and treatment practices of religious origin. You will recognize that after all, True Natural Medicine has great scientific knowledge behind the Name.